I had the pleasure of finding Kaliha Noel’s store – Xplosion- while doing the Dark Katz Hunt a few months back. I’ve patronized her store several times since that hunt. She offers a wide variety of styles from cutesy, to grunge, hair to shoes. If you let her…she can outfit you head to toe in something smashing.

Fortunately me, Kaliha was receptive to letting me review her items, her first drop to me? A wonderful lil throwback number, definately on point for this year’s summer trends. I chose to wear it with the black shift {included} although it can be worn as the jean top/bottom combo, turning just as many heads.

The shoes slotted to go with this outfit? Divine! Look at the way they crawl up and coil around the calf, it’s not often in SL you find a pair of shoes that are so trendy and well made. They come in big/small, beaded/unbeaded, and last but not least, full leg lacings, or ankle length options. That’s three different styles in one shoe.Not to mention ladies? You can TP in these babies! No need to show up barefoot!

It’s definately worth the trip to her store to find this number, or browse the more than 4 floors of other offerings Kaliha has created.

Style Card:

Outfit – *X*plosion – SummerGlance Outfit {black/light blue}

Shoes – *X*plosion – BeautyRetro Shoes {black}

Hair – Miamai – Ellek Tail {black}

Earrings – Creamshop – Glam Earring {lg/black}

Necklace – Burrough’s Jewelry – Sunara Necklace

Bracelets – Gems & Kisses – Luxury Bangles {gold}

Lashes – By Kay – Open


School Daze…

So, it’s definatly that time of year again. School is just around the corner. The Fall lines are starting to hit the market. The nights are a bit cooler, whispering that summer is about  to drift off. The news   in my neck of the woods} starts rattling off the newest back to schools sales, and glorious talk about the myriad of savings “No Tax” week will bring to the city.

In light of the onslaught of back to school memos, commercials and “ridiculously low” prices, I put together a little outfit for hitting all those sales. Something that protects against the impending,cooler temperatures. And perhaps, against that slimy salesman who tries to get you to buy more than you really need…..

Style Card:

Shirt – Dressing Aphrodite – Free Fallin {blue}

Jeans – Indyra Originals – J’aime Ultra Low Rise

Shoes – Baby Monkey – Ellie Flats

Hair – Boon – HNB582 Hair

Necklace – Aglaia – Flux Collection

Nails – Candy Nail – Esnic Pink

Lashes – Redgrave – Catwalk {12}

Fashion Trick 117

One of my favorite designs in SL is a high waisted -anything- Trousers, body suits, dresses… I could go on and on.  The sleek line that’s created from the cut emphasizes and creates a small waistline. Drawing the eye to the curve of the hip, lengthening the leg. It’s a definate fashion must have for me. If you’re looking to make a statement and create a flowing line, this little fashion trick is a wonderful piece of ammo to have in your arsenal.

Kimberly Flagon, Owner & Designer of Kim, offers up an example below. A sassy lil summer jean skirt pairing. With a girly bow  just below the breastline, seperating the high waist created by the skirt. There’s just no denying the overall, impossibly long, line created by this simple fashion trick.

Style Card:

Dress – Kim – Troupe {pink}

Hair – Miamai – Nara

Shoes – B&G – Selena {rosa}

Necklace & Earrings – YS&YS – Feel Free Set {raiMbow}

Bangles – Grumble Grumble – GGBangle {orange}

Lashes – Detour – Klee Dot

Nails – Candy Nail – Alice {pink/white}