Oh, Poppycock!

What is that you ask? Well, most Americans who take the time to actually watch tv, and those blasted talent shows, will know who the ultra fabulous and fierce Prince Poppycock is.  Well, I had a look I had to put together for a magazine, which didn’t get used LOL, so I went to one of my friends, who just so happens to create skins.  I asked her if she knew anything about him…and she didn’t.  So I sent her link after link of his highness and she fell in love as quickly as I did.  So then the birth of the NEW and AMAZING skin line by Talyia Tarber at Garded Secret.

Oh, Poppycock!

With this skin line, there are the female versions of the skin, then there are the make up packs for females and males to use over their normal skin. (Tattoo Layer a must, if you are unsure if you have this or not, feel free to IM me.)

I have to admit, putting the outfits together for these skins was SO fun, I wish you could see more of the outfits, but OH WELL, its not about my styling lol its about the AMAZING skins Talyia has created yet again.

Enjoy some Poppycock today!

“Poppycock: Dutch Blue” “Poppycock: The Patriot” “Poppycock in Pink” “Poppycock: Send in the Clowns”

Garded Secret SLURL

Garded Secret Official Blog

My Flickr Page

Models: Scarlett Loxingly & RicoRacer Flux

Photographer: Talyia Tarber


Shhhh I Found the Gold…its a Secret!

Well at the right Talyia is putting out these new skins I am gonna have a new look every other day! LOL How do I decide which I like better? Well, she has stumped me yet again with her newest skin…Smoked Gold. Beautiful deep red lips with the retro golden eye shadow. Wow, my mother would even love this one!

Talyia did the shots for this skin and because of her amazing talent for Photography I had to use hers…mine are kids drawings compared to her mastery. So here you go, and be sure to head down to…

Garded Secret

International Modelling Convention 2010 September 22-26

Premiere Modelling Agency is proud to announce the 1st Annual International Modelling Convention September 22-26, 2010. IMCSL2010 promises to be truly spectacular!

See Updates on the convention website:

Torches are lit in the spirit of the Olympics! The spirit of sharing and cooperation! The spirit of bringing the best of the world to one stage! The IMCSL has created a place for the sharing of knowledge, the showcasing of fashion industry businesses, and will nurture the promotion of growth for all participants both personally and professionally.
All together on one sim! All the latest tools, experts and information.

Save the dates! You will NOT want to miss this exciting and informative fashion event!

For more information please contact

Giselle Temple, CEO Premiere Modelling Agency
Convention Coordinator

Located in Mondani Tesori (Wordly Treasures) sim the International Modeling Convention is slated to be the largest virtual information distribution event for Fashion Modelling ever. Latest releases, updates and information all brought together for one big event.

DATES(S): September 22 – 26, 2010

TIMES: 11:00am, 12:00pm, 1:00pm, 2:00pm, 3:00pm , 4:00pm (all times are SLT)

LOCATION: click here for SLURL to Mondani Tesori (Wordly Treasures)

Each day there will be presentations in various forms: Seminars, Demonstrations, Forums and Fashion Shows Click on the SCHEDULE OF EVENTS tab at the top of the page.

Designers participating in this convention, will be presenting items for sale at the convention as well as opportunities to capture an audience by participating in one of the events.

All participants will be able to set up vendors in kiosks or boutiques around the convention. The sales kiosks and boutiques will remain in place September 20 – October 20.

Giselle Temple, CEO Premiere Modelling Agency
Coordinator, International Modeling Convention 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
11:00am: Convention Kick-Off & Welcome: Giselle Temple, CEO IMCSL2010
12:00pm: Fashion Show – Lady Thera
1:00pm: Keynote Speaker – Mimmi Boa
2:00pm: Seminar – Shoes – Getting the Color Right – Dancer Dalligio
3:00pm: Seminar – Blogs – The Write Way to Give Fashion a Face: Sequoia Nightfire
4:00pm: Fashion Show – Poba India

Thursday, September 23, 2010
12:00pm: Fashion Show – Evane
12:00pm: Seminar – Perfect Pose Preparation: Arisia Ashmoot of Body Talking
1:00pm: Forum – Agency Presentations
2:00pm: Presentation – Vanity Tour – Katherine Comet
3:00pm: Forum – Models Being Paid for Work – Sabine Blackburn, Moderator
4:00pm: Fashion Show – Blacklace
Friday, September 24, 2010
11:00am: Fashion Show – G Sloane (Premiere Modeling)
12:00pm: Seminar – Addressing Lag – Taylia Tarber
1:00pm: Seminar – Content Theft and How To Identify Counterfeit Items
2:00pm: Seminar – History of Modeling in SL – A Five Year Overview – Nemi McCoy
3:00pm: Seminar – Photography – Head Shots, Our Calling Cards
4:00pm: Fashion Show – International Model Agency
Saturday, September 24, 2010
11:00am: Fashion Show – Tres Beau
12:00pm: Keynote Speaker – Frolic Mills
1:00pm: Seminar – Super Elite – Amber Quinzet
2:00pm: Seminar – Seth Diabolito
3:00pm: Seminar – The Agency/Model Relationship – Astrokris Messmer
4:00pm: Fashion Show – Super Elite
Sunday, September 26, 2010
11:00am: Fashion Show – iC Motions
12:00pm: Forum – Showcasing Fashion: Fashion Shows and Beyond
1:00pm: Seminar- Do’s and Don’ts of Script Writing – Blackbarbie Bravin
2:00pm: Forum – Evaluating SL Viewers for Modeling
3:00pm: Seminar – Shape Shifting – blackLiquid Tokyoska
4:00pm: Fashion Show – Purple Moon (Premier Modelling)

I’m Off to the Emerald City!

Once again I have the newest skin from Talyia Tarber, with Garded Secret, Emerald Magic.  A beautiful green eyed beauty with bronze cheeks and lips. This skin is PERFECT for the late summer evening with your partner. Head on over to Garded Secret and get this beautiful skin!

Some important information for you all:
“Just a reminder, there’s about 12 days left to join the Garded Secret group for free inworld. As of Sept 1st I will add an enrollment fee of 500L. Why? Because I will be releasing exclusive group skins and I don’t want people joining and leaving just to get them. 🙂 I also have a subscribo if your interested in getting new release information without receiving any group gifts or taking up a group spot.

Tokens tokens tokens! With each regularly priced skin you’ll receive a token. Collect 5 and redeem them for a skin of your choice. Whatever you do, don’t lose em. 🙂

The first limited edition skin will be coming out the first week of September to be sold in limited quantity.” Quote by Talyia Tarber

Garded Secret

Secrets are Meant to be Told!

Yes, you heard me right, I have a secret to tell! Could it possibly be something new from Talyia Tarber, from Garded Secrets? YES! Not only does she have beautiful skins and impressive eye lashes BUT she now has EYES! She has called them “Eyes in Bloom” and if you look closely you will see why! Do you see? The eyes look like the center of a flower! The perfect accessory to those petal lashes, don’t you think? For each set of eyes you pay 75L, that is an amazing deal! You do have to go to her main store to get them though so hurry on over and check them out!

Garded Secret

Also, if you haven’t been to her main store yet…you are missing out! It is perfect for the crazy and artistic Talyia Tarber!

Here are the colors for the eyes:

Do You Have a Secret?

Well I do, but now I am sharing! Garded Secret is NOW OPEN! The very lovely and talented Talyia Tarber has put away her camera at Kiss My Camera to focus on her new passion. Skin creation! Garded Secret will be the worst kept secret in SL once everyone sees what amazing quality and detail she has put into these skins. I must admit, that when I came back from my month long “Vacation” and she told me she had a surprise, I was mighty nervous! Though, I am a woman, I am not a big fan of surprises. So when she tp’ed me to her store in Fashion Palace, I was blown away. Not only has she created a new path for herself to explore but she has done so brilliantly.

One of the MANY things she has for us is with every purchase you will receive a token. Once you have gotten 5 tokens you get a free skin! 6 Skins for the price of five! WOOHOO!!!

She currently has one series going up as she makes them which are the “Charmed” series and I must say, they are VERY charming! Here is an up close look of the first one she has out, “Nude”:

I know that its not an everyday looking skin, but she is working on that but keeping it with her flashy and runway ready look.  After a bit of talking with some of the customers she decided to get a second skin out in a flash.  I have to tell you, when she tp’ed me in to see it…I nearly fainted.  It is so gorgeous!  Here is an up close look of “Dazzle me Pink”:

So beautiful!  Now, her skins do come in 5 different skin tones.  The one shown here is “Fair”.  She has Pale, Fair, Tan, Bronze, and Dark bronze.    She also has some GREAT little extras she adds with her skins.  You don’t just get beautiful skin!  You get Eyebrow shapes, then you have brow color choices; light or dark, then the best of them all.  How many of us LOVE wearing prim nails but HATE matching that stupid glove to match our skin tone?  Well, Talyia has fixed that, she has created an optional skin that has NO nail on it.  So you are ready to attach those prim nails and go without a worry!  How brilliant is she!?

PLEASE go check out Garded Secret and look at the beautiful skins Talyia has to offer.  You never know what she will have in store for you!  She has many more surprises coming your way so keep your eyes open and your wallet lined with plenty of lindens because you will NOT want to miss this secret!


RELEASE DATE: August 12th, 2010

The Fashion Institute is proud to announce the opening of the Fashion Institute Gallery.

To celebrate this amazing event we have selected a great photographer with a long run in Second Life Fashion Photography.

A Trip into a Genius Mind

From August 14th, 2010 To August 28th, 2010

Showing Talyia Tarber’s greatest works ever, with some of the models she has photographed in her long run as a Second Life Fashion Photographer.

Come see why she is still one of the best photographers in the grid.

Be attentive to the photo contest that will be released during the exposition.

Best Regards,
Fashion Institute

Why Fashion Institute is So Great

In a nutshell…Anabella Ravinelli. Our school has evolved over the last year as we celebrate our first anniversary under the gentle and persistent guidance of Anabella and a few other wonderful and talented people. I want to recognize these people today, who without their involvement, Fashion Institute would not be anywhere close to what it is today.

We are so fortunate as students and staff to have the experience, talent and industry-wide respect of our management Staff. Anabella and Sparkie Funizza amaze me everyday with their brilliance. The curriculum’s, assessments, policies and procedures are all because of their attentiveness to the student’s needs and best interests. Your school, the fashion and modeling industries and my business all all in good hands under their guidance.

Our entire management staff is among the best in the industry and I would not trade a single person for any other.

Talyia Tarber is the most talented and gifted person I have ever met. If you have not gone to one of our shows lately, you should. We have the most low lag shows in town all because of what Talyia has done as our systems and land manager. If you are high ARC, you will be getting a call from Talyia haha. Her new upcoming skin line will set the industry on its ear…just as her photography did.

Scarlett Loxingly, who will be returning this week, Chez Hienrichs, Lovely, Marissa Bruun, and now Lulu Breuer all keep the things glued together. They do an amazing job and all work very hard. The most gratifying thing for me is that they love their jobs here…and that makes me proud.

Our event coordinating team of Bronwen Jewell and Damien Tatham produces shows that rival any on the grid.

I can’t list every name, but our dedicated staff of Customer Service Reps need to be acknowledged. Their caring and loyalty to our groups are representative of what makes us special and different from other agencies and schools.

You guys are the best. Thank you for what you all do. As we begin our second year, with a new set of policy’s and procedures along, with a new commitment to you, our models and students, the sky is the limit to what we can achieve. I can’t wait to unveil this new installation of Fashion Palace Groups programs over the course of the next few days. If you have not already done so, please subscribe via RSS reader or email to our new website (work in progress) to stay informed of all the news.

Have a great day!
Colby Pevensey

Talyia Tarber Changes Skin

Talyia Tarber, one of SLs most renowned photographers has turned out the lights in the Kiss My Camera Studio. OMG Say it isnt so! As one of only a handful of PhotoLife’s designated Master Photographers, Talyia has long been known as one of the truly talented artists in photography. But the news is not all bad.

Talent always finds its own manifestation in some way. This amazing artist has shifted her master photography skills, combined with her master builder skills, to create what promises to be the most sought after skins in the business. You can watch the progress and discussion on “Garded Secret” skins by browsing to Talyia’s blog at http://www.gardedsecret.blogspot.com

And thats not all! More good news for Fashion Institute and photography students everywhere, Talyia has agreed to teach her most closely held photography and post processing secrets. Starting soon, you can learn the tips and tricks that no professional photographer wants you to know. Utilizing some simple, easy to learn techniques you will be producing photographs like the pros.

“Garded Secret” will be debuting soon at the Fashion Palace. You will want to be the first to get one or more of these great new skins. And, watch for an upcoming notice announcing the photography classes.