Finesmith’s Newest Collection

Finesmith Jewelry has to be some of the most beautiful and unique jewelry I have seen. Yula, does such amazing things that will blow your mind. Please, take a look at these designs and head on over to get yours!

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Also! Some terrific news for the Finesmith Divas and the Prima Diva herself, Yula!  Just a sneak peak of the beautiful spreads in the BOSL and Maniera Magazines.  So GORGEOUS!

Who are all these beautiful Divas?  Well here is your list, better line up to get those autographs!

Isabella29 Ceriano | TyraBanks Eiren | Lybra Rage

Also, the Photographer for all of these beautiful Ads…Lybra Rage!!!

ALSO!  You HAVE to go see what Yula has been up to.  Finesmith Jewelry has had a MAJOR make over! The dust is starting to settle and the beauty emerges!!!


The Showing of Beautiful Fashion and Design

With great anticipation I announce the upcoming show by Yula Finesmith of Finesmith Jewelry. Variation and Inspiring.  In preparation of this blog I had the honor of being invited to watch one of the 2 rehearsals for the show.  All I can say is WOW and I mean that in the biggest form and letters as possible.

Saying goodbye to this season of fashion is being done in a way that says goodbye to Summer and HELLO to Fall all in one amazing show.  With beautiful models such as Katherine Comet, Lybra Rage and so many more along with the amazing designs by the talented Yula Finesmith, this show will blow your mind!  The vibrancy of metal and glimmer of stone captures your eye as you watch these gems dance along the runway.

Priceless Gems

Through a diamond-leaded window
grows a magnificent ruby rose
towering higher than all others
and gently swaying to and fro.

Above the rose in nature’s glory
are amber tints of rarest hue…
a painting by a heavenly master
on wide backcloth of sapphire blue.

Autumn shines like ‘eighteen carat’,
its lustrous radiance fills the air;
beyond a diamond-leaded window
is jewellery for the world to wear.

How splendid are the verdant emeralds
which late adorn October trees,
and crystal stars which soon will gather
from nature’s jewellery box of dreams.

Earthly value could never be counted
in pounds or dollars, or even in gold
for these fine jewels belong to nature
‘priceless gems’ from days of old.

Joyce Hemsley

She says it all, how splendid are the verdant emeralds and crystal stars!  The sun rises as the show begins and sets as the show closes saying goodbye to the fashions of the season.  Though as the show closes Yula introduces a sneak peak of the magnificent use of gems and metals. So keep your eyes peeled and your imagination open as the next season approaches, bringing us more precious jewels to don.

With the close of the show on Saturday you will be invited to participate in the 50% off sale.  What?!  YES!  You heard me correct, Yula is having a 50% off sale.  SO be sure to come and get some of the greatest jewelry designs before they are gone forever.

With the start of a new season the fashion world will be in a frenzy but be sure to take the extra bit of time it will take you to get over to Finesmith Jewelry on October 1st to see the new Fall line and get your favorite pieces to add to your own collection and don’t forget the show!

*smiles happily as her eyes gaze upon the shiney’s!*