Thank You magnus Moonwall

Join me in thanking magnus Moonwall of M Designs and Mags Menswear for their generous contribution to the general Fashion Institute Scholarship Fund. Please show magnus your appreciation by shopping at their new store at the Fashion Palace. Welcome magnus.

Watch for upcoming blogs on Mags Menswear designs. If you would like to blog on the Fashion Palace Website, please contact Colby Pevensey.


New Classes, New Instructors

Starting Tuesday, August 3rd we have 2 more new instructors teaching new classes…one on controlling Lag!! Yippee, highly recommended for all. The other is a practical on building runways which is excellent if you plan to be an EC!!

Also basic and advanced classes on runway now in the EVENINGS…with our own Agatha Klees. If you haven’t been to her classes before try to attend she’s a fantastic teacher!!!

Check your schedule and program of study for dates and how they fit your program. Click here for the modeling class schedule.

2011 Av in the Mirror Award

Premiere Modeling Agency Presents the “2011 Av in the Mirror Award” Contest

We would like to recognize and promote kindness in the modeling profession. When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you feel good about the person looking back at you? Are you proud of the day you put in to your Second Life? Did you extend random acts of kindness? Volunteer for a worthy cause? Do you strive to ‘do no harm’? Do you make SL a pleasant place for those around you?

Premiere Modeling Agency is looking for a person who exemplifies inner beauty through kindness and generosity in SL.

The RECIPIENT OF THE 2011 AV IN THE MIRROR AWARD will be announced on New Years Day, January 1, 2011 and will hold the title throughout the year. The winner will receive the award, $10,000 lindens and assume a role suited to her or his skills in Premiere Modeling Agency.


A Panel of Judges will choose the winner. Finalists will be selected each month and the winner will be announced on January 1, 2011.

You may enter yourself or you many nominate someone who is active in SL and who you feel is deserving of the award. Please fill out the Entry Form and send it to Giselle Temple.

Deadlines For entries:
September 25/ 2010
October 25/ 2010
November 25/ 2010
December 26/ 2010

To get an entry form, contact GISELLE TEMPLE, CEO Premiere Modeling Agency.

New Scholarships Available at Fashion Institute

Fashion Institute University's state-of-the-art campus

Because of the generosity of a fellow model who wishes to remain anonymous, 4 scholarships are available to modeling students. Two 10,000L$ scholarships for beginner or intermediate students are available to new or current students at FI. One 20,000L$ scholarship, a full ride to a bachelors degree, is available to a new-to-modeling student needing financial assistance. To apply for a scholarhip at Fashion Institute complete the online Student Scholarship and Financial Aid Application.

Morgane’s latest favorites

Hello all, with time i think you can guess i love new age. I have 2 new outfits to present you.

Firstly let me present you the The White Armory group gift of the week. Sweet treasure, a gorgeous antique blue and white medieval gown, this dress is free this week, next sunday it will become 899L.

TWA Sweet treasure

Then, from another shop that i totally love, Angelwing. Angel came out with a new stunning fairy dress, it is avalable in different colors: green (as shown on the picture), pink, red, lavender, purple, light blue. And it is only 200L!!! awsome dress + 200L = totally gotta buy it!

Angelwing - Gentle fairy

LM to The white armory:

LM to Angelwing:

Then last week i posted in my own blog new outfits available, let me present you my favorites.

I had the pleasure to wear Alatiel at my graduation for Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy,  here is the dress Hannah!  Combined with one of the most recent skins from Mango Mango called Honey Bee.

I had posted a picture the other week of the Finbar dress from Celtic Rose, and told the dress had been updated since i bought the dress, so here is the updated version.

Finbar by Celtic Rose

You liked the dress i presented from The white armory? Here is this last week’s group gift, Enchanted gown. now available for 899L

enchanted gown - the white armory

Now, for boots addicts, Mandrakke Dagger from !Drakke! does AWSOME boots, this week a new knee high boot is coming out, Captive.

These boots come with a  new resizer script, faster and with a script remover once adjusted, copy no transfer because it includes two sets, one for viewer one, the other for viewer 2 and Emerald. They will come in black, brown, white, tan, dark red, dark blue, dark violet, and dark green.

Captive from !Drakke!

Then finally, from Felicious, Fe created a Mischievious Kitty complete outfit.

Mischievious kitty

good shopping and blessed be

Morgane )O(

Fashion Institute is recruiting modeling instructors now

Fashion Institute is a rapidly growing college based learning environment, with schools in modelling, Fashion Design and Photography. It is an extremely friendly drama free environment for all.Our modelling curriculum is extensive – teaching everything from basic model skills, to teaching, event coordinating, business management, with classes taught 24hrs a day and taught at a very high standard.

Currently we have over 200 students and more join us daily.

We would love for you to come and join us if you are –

  • Friendly and approachable
  • Drama free
  • Highly qualified in area you wish to teach
  • Reliable
  • Willing to work with the Dean to ensure high standard of education for all students.
  • Believe a good model never stops training – even you!
  • Willing to work for masters degree (free classes for instructors see below)


  • 300L$ per student per 1hr class (every time taught) – 1 class with 5 students = $1500
  • FREE education in our model school
  • Full support from our team.
  • Schedule classes at times and days that suit you. (long term, monthly, weekly)

We are looking for instructors to teach at a variety of times, or at least have similar classes running round the clock, so your timezone wherever you are always has a full schedule of classes available.

Subject area’s we need instructors for right now include:

  • lag control
  • prim editing – lashes, hair
  • styling for men
  • shapes for men
  • teaching skills
  • managing in-store models
  • event coordinating – or classes to work towards this
  • Running an agency –  or classes to work towards this
  • business skills
  • Print modeling
  • store modeling
  • customer support – store models
  • Dealing with griefer/difficult customers
  • Competition how to choose, how to enter
  • Agencies, how to choose how to apply
  • Castings
  • Profile and resume
  • Ensuring they don’t inadvertently wear counter-fit products
  • Where to find work
  • classes on blogging
  • Classes on social networking.
  • runway – walks, camera turns, queuing, tandem, poses, ao’s and huds (individual class or a series)


  1. Complete the online application form
  2. Place your resume and a detailed class outline for all classes you would like to teach, in a folder entitled ‘instructor application – (your name)’
  3. Send your folder to Sparkie Funizza

Sparkie Funizza
Dean of Modelling

$5,000 Scholarship at Fashion Institute University

Fashion Institute University's state-of-the-art campusThrough generous donations of current students and others at the White Wolf “Models Night Out” Event last night, a $5000 scholarship is open and available. If you are interested in attending SLs premier college environment training models, photographers and designers, here is your opportunity. The Fashion Institute is dedicated to provide our students with the best, most comprehensive teaching and learning environment in sl. Classes are available around to clock to accommodate students in all time zones. You can attend classes when it is convenient for you.

The details and terms of the scholarship are as follows:

The terms of this award are as follows.


  • Your sponsor, The Fashion Institute will pay for your tuition up to $5000L.
  • You will receive five class vouchers (in increments of 3 up front, and next 2 provided student remains active)
  • Scholarships are awarded to you and do not have to be paid back to FI

All scholarship applicants agree to the following:

  • Agree to immediately upon application place the Fashion Institute in the Picks section of your profile. Your application will not be considered if FI does not appear in your pics tabs.
  • If awarded a scholarship, you agree to attend class and become an active student
  • Agree to place this statement in the first lines of the 2nd life profile. “I am a student attending the Fashion Institute primarily because of the generous scholarship provided by the Fashion Institute”
  • Agree to spend two hours per week, for a period of 4 weeks, at the Fashion Institute working as an ambassador talking to visitors and potential incoming students. (this activity is coordinated with Fashion Palace GM).

To apply for the scholarship. simply complete the online scholarship application here.

Google Tools Training Coming Soon at Fashion Institute

Coming soon to Fashion Institute. A seven part series teaching you how to manage a global operation utilizing Google tools. Learn how to create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, calendars and more. Forget messy and outdated notecards. Check back for details when these classes will begin, or better yet, join the Fashion Institute group to keep up on all the learning and teaching events happening at the Fashion Institute University.  Check out the Google series video below.