Fashion Institute

Dedication. Inspiration. Technology. Collaboration. Quality.

Why choose Fashion Institutes schools of the arts: That’s truly the central question, isn’t it? The short answer: because we can help you turn your passion and inspiration into a rewarding career. What does a Second Life degree from the Fashion Institute system of schools have to offer?

HANDS-ON EDUCATION IN INDUSTRY RELEVANT TECHNIQUES to give you the skills and experience that are in demand in your chosen field of modeling, fashion design and photography

A COLLABORATIVE, CREATIVE ENVIRONMENT that makes your good ideas even better, and gives you the chance to help others improve their ideas

INSTRUCTORS WITH EXPERIENCE and valuable insight into what it’s like to work in your chosen field

CAREER SERVICES FOR EACH SCHOOL WING, offering you a wide range of career planning and support services at no additional cost

DEGREES IN A VARIETY OF CREATIVE FIELDS; we offer associates, bachelor’s degrees as well as diploma and certificate programs

BUSINESS COLLEGE training at the master’s and PhD levels to pave your way to second life entrepreneurship in the field of your choice.

At Fashion Institute, we recognize — and share — your creative passion. You have the inspiration and great ideas; we have the industry-relevant training system with a hands-on philosophy to help you make it happen.

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