Is it Haute or Avante?

So today I started on the task of getting my three looks ready for my evaluation at Arcobaleno.  Took all day and I finally think I got this outfit down.  Now, I asked one very amazing, talented, PERFECT, Anabella Ravinelli her opinion on what “style” the outfit would be classified.  She informed me it was Avant Garde…I am SO confused! LOL I was going for Haute Couture and I got it ALL wrong. LOL Luckily I have to do an Avant Garde too so, one down two to go!  I need to take a class on that I suppose. *looks around sheepishly* LMFAO

While searching for the perfect location to snap a few pics of the outfit, I like to document my outfits when I put them together, I stumbled upon a place…It was a Blur!  Everything is WHITE and when I say white I mean seriously, I had to check my settings.  LOL  then I got smart and read the NC that you get as soon as you land.  DUH!  It explained what settings need to be what and so on and so forth and guess what…EVERYTHING IS STILL WHITE! LOL.

It is great though with some items to purchase scattered around.  I will be doing another blog on some of the amazing things that I found there so look for that one soon!  The place will go buh bye on August 16th so I will definitely get the blog done before then. 😛  I think you will like some of the stuff, now I couldn’t logically go in and buy everything…Iam but a struggling artist trying to feed my SL clothing habit, so funds were low, but I did get a few things.

Moving on!  This outfit is definitely something I had fun putting together.  I mean the colors alone are just beautiful!  Teals, blues, blacks…even some purple!  I LOVED being able to snap some pics at the It was a Blur sim because it doesn’t take away from the beautiful vibrant colors of the outfit.  Some of the items I already had in my inventory and some I purchased to finish off the look.  I hope you like it…and lord I hope Vikeejeah Xevion does too! LOL

(Click for Larger Image)

Style Card is as follows:

Hair: 3636 Athena – Black
Skin: .::CStar::. Stephany Skin – DeepPale
Eyes: Mystical Eyes – Oceanic (No Longer Available)
Jacket: Miamai Keyn Jacket – Blue
Bodysuit: :SK Designs: Slim Outfit – Black
Leggings: Tee*fy LoveLetters Leggings – Green
Boots: BAX Prestige Boots – Black Leather
Polish: [ Love Soul ] Nail*Colors*- Sky
Earrings: Paper Couture Water Drops (Actually purchased off x-street)
Lashes: Miamai NoAlpha Lashes – N06

Top Photo: StoRin – P10 – attitude09
Bottom Photo: Miamai – FancyStand01


Why Fashion Institute is So Great

In a nutshell…Anabella Ravinelli. Our school has evolved over the last year as we celebrate our first anniversary under the gentle and persistent guidance of Anabella and a few other wonderful and talented people. I want to recognize these people today, who without their involvement, Fashion Institute would not be anywhere close to what it is today.

We are so fortunate as students and staff to have the experience, talent and industry-wide respect of our management Staff. Anabella and Sparkie Funizza amaze me everyday with their brilliance. The curriculum’s, assessments, policies and procedures are all because of their attentiveness to the student’s needs and best interests. Your school, the fashion and modeling industries and my business all all in good hands under their guidance.

Our entire management staff is among the best in the industry and I would not trade a single person for any other.

Talyia Tarber is the most talented and gifted person I have ever met. If you have not gone to one of our shows lately, you should. We have the most low lag shows in town all because of what Talyia has done as our systems and land manager. If you are high ARC, you will be getting a call from Talyia haha. Her new upcoming skin line will set the industry on its ear…just as her photography did.

Scarlett Loxingly, who will be returning this week, Chez Hienrichs, Lovely, Marissa Bruun, and now Lulu Breuer all keep the things glued together. They do an amazing job and all work very hard. The most gratifying thing for me is that they love their jobs here…and that makes me proud.

Our event coordinating team of Bronwen Jewell and Damien Tatham produces shows that rival any on the grid.

I can’t list every name, but our dedicated staff of Customer Service Reps need to be acknowledged. Their caring and loyalty to our groups are representative of what makes us special and different from other agencies and schools.

You guys are the best. Thank you for what you all do. As we begin our second year, with a new set of policy’s and procedures along, with a new commitment to you, our models and students, the sky is the limit to what we can achieve. I can’t wait to unveil this new installation of Fashion Palace Groups programs over the course of the next few days. If you have not already done so, please subscribe via RSS reader or email to our new website (work in progress) to stay informed of all the news.

Have a great day!
Colby Pevensey