Is it a Sin?

So, this morning I log in and see this great NC and Texture Add from CStar about  a “Think Pink Hunt” so I decided I haven’t done a hunt in awhile so why not.  Well, I had EVERY intention of blogging about all the AWESOME things I found today, and they are AWESOME, but…While in one of the stores I found this CUTE top that matched one of my new skins. LOL SO I lost focus and decided to share this look with you.

Styling isn’t always one of the easiest things for me, but something that I do on a constant basis is use my skin as an accessory.  There are so many fabulous skin designers out there that deserve just as much attention as the clothing and accessory designers.  Here I am showing the newest from Unico Solo of CStar Skins.  There is something about the Glam *Snap* skins that Unico does that make me run screaming for her store every time she announces a new skin.

**Be sure to do the Think Pink hunt because Unico has TWELVE of her NEWEST line of skins hidden in the store!!!*

How could this “Apple” be a sin when it looks so damn good!? So having this new beautiful skin (Apple) from Unico, I have been trying to decide what would be the best way to photograph it. What do I have that I could wear with it…because this time, the skin wasn’t an accessory but the main player.  Well, like I said…I found it!  Here I am wearing the super cute and shiney Lace Tank Dots Pink from Frank Windlow of Onyx Wear.  Also, from Frank, I have on the Skinnys Lineage Dark Pants which, I have to say, are now my favorite pair of skinny pants.  The fit perfectly and look amazing with any look from, Casual Chic to Glamor Fierce!

Having fallin in love with Non-Alpha lashes, I had to go get some new ones to wear with this look from monica Outlander of Miamai.  Here you see style N18.  Something about that lash going down the cheek screams to me…Circus clown?  Its FABULOUS!  I must admit though my hair shopping has been quite lame and as sad as it makes me feel, I am super excited to have found out about some of Truths new hair.  Here I am wearing the Tilly Streaked in Java by Truth Hawks of Truth Hair.  I have to say I LOVE THE STREAKS!  When you buy the hair that comes with the streaks, you get with and without.  So you get like DOUBLE the hair for your money.  HELLOOOOOO!  So its laggy right?  WELL, TRUTH has all their demos on xstreet….buy the demos, try them on decide if you like them, go in with a shopping list honey and BUY BUY BUY!  I personally bought 3 just today. *hides receipt from Brock and smiles pretty*

I am loving this look so much today that I don’t give a rat patooty if this skin is to avant garde to walk around in or not.  I am lovin it and I wanna wear it!  Come on girls, lets have us one hell of a PINK PARTY!!!

Official Style Card:

Hair: >TRUTH< Tilly Streaked – javaXstreet Source
Eyes: Expressive eyes green 1 by Nany Merlin
Lashes: Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes N18
Skin: .::CStar::. Apple Skin – DeepPale
Earrings: [ skream! ] Metal Hoops – Silver
Necklace: *BOOM* Double the Love (Onyx)
Shirt: :OW: Lace Tank Dots Pink
Pants: :OW: Skinnys Lineage Dark
Shoes (Not Shown but have to tell ya cause they are HAWT!): [PM] Pixel Mode :  Baby T’s – Plain – Hot Pink


BOOM! It’s Love!

Digging around in my inventory I found my Pixel Mode Hot Pink Baby-T’s but had NOTHING to wear with them. So I decided to put something together working around my amazingly cute shoes. What did I do…I tp’ed over to BOOM and found some CUTE stuff! This is the cute little dress I found that matches my purdy little shoes. Is it Valentines because I am in LOVE and the answer is YES! Well, its not Valentines Day but I am in love with this dress and am so happy I got it. Not only did I get the cutest dress, but I got the cutest bangles, the cutest earrings and a few other delicious little finds! Don’t forget to join the subscribomatic!


Style Card:

Model: Scarlett Loxingly
Photographer: Scarlett Loxingly at Eternal Memories
Hair: Deviant Kitties – Christy
Skin: Lara Skin Ariana *Smokey 2 – Pink Lips – Pale
Eyes: Expressive Eyes Blue 5 (by UNIQUE MEGASTORE)
Dress: *BOOM* 15-Love (lipstick/lime)
Earrings: *BOOM* Ion Earrings Lipstick
Bracelets: *BOOM* Bangled Mess Lime and Lipstick
Necklace: *BOOM* Double the Love (Onyx)
Shoes: [PM] Pixel Mode :  Baby T’s – Plain – Hot Pink