I was given a male shirt by Noveen Benoir, from Totally Random, to blog about and instead of just slapping on the shirt and modeling it myself, I decided to introduce you to my handsome husband (SL and RL) Brockington. Here he is modeling the sexy black Skull shirt, Novey honey, PERFECTION. Not that the model isn’t helping any. *grins*

Just a few more days till Sunday when the BIG sale goes away along with some of her amazing designs.  Get them while you can because they won’t be there after Sunday!

Totally Random


Ardently AquaNia

With the lovely Novey sending me all these amazing outfits to blog I try them on and try and decide how best to photograph them, I stumble across this next gown.  Now, I am very honest when I say that I am not a gown person, truly, but there is something about these gowns of Novey’s that are just gorgeous!

So yes of course I HAD to take a picture, well two…a close up and a body shot.  I don’t know about you but I am loving this gown.  PLEASE, I beg of you, go to Totally Random and just see what she has…and don’t forget the sale ends on Sunday! (8/22/2010)

I wanna be Totally…ECHO!

Another beautiful design by Noveen Benoir of Totally Random!  In this picture I am wearing the gorgeous Echo in Arduinna.

The sale ends Sunday so be sure to head over there and get all those amazing specials.  First floor 50-100L, second floor 200L and this beautiful gown on sale right now for 450L!  Get over there while you can!

The Golden Goddess

As Noveen Benoir and I chat about all the wonderful items in her store,  she passes me this beautiful gown.  How could I resist a chance to snap a few pics of me in this gorgeous design and show it to all of you!  The details she has put into this gown and guess what 200L!!!  Yes it is one of many of her beautiful designs on sale!  She is in the process of making this gown in other colors and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.  I must admit, I am not much of a gown girl, but you know what…I may be one soon enough if she keeps making these beautiful designs!

Noveen honey, beautiful, just beautiful!

Style Card
☛Hair: 3636 – Athena – Chestnut
☛Eyes: Unique Megastore – Expressive Eyes – Green 1
☛Skin: Lara Skin – Lucy – Bronzed Pale
☛Gown: Totally Random – Golden Goddess Gown
☛Jewelry: H2M – Bohemian Bangles – Earth Gold
☛Shoes:(Unseen but wanted to add them anyway) N-core TEMPTATION XtremeHeel II

☛Top pose: EverGlow – Model016
☛Bottom Pose: .::Storin::. P10 – attitude06_001

Be…Totally Random

Stumbling upon this store as I search the grid for more wonderful places to spend my hard earned linden.  (Thanks honey for buying me more today!) teehee  My eyes open wider and my smile grows bigger as I scan the room seeing everything that has been marked down!  Noveen Benoir has outdone herself with this amazing mixture of summer fun clothing to beautiful gowns and even some sexy lingerie.  The prices…Well, you are just gonna have to come down and look at these great deals.  Some of these items may not be here when she introduces some of her new designs, so don’t miss out.  You only have about another week and a half before this sale reaches its final day.  I would hate for you to miss out! *The sound of Lindens being spent rings through your ears* Here are but a few of the many and great designs on sale down at Totally Random!

And don’t forget everyone from the lips of Noveen Benoir herself: Be Unique, Be You, Be… Totally Random!!!

Sunny Dayz – On Sale 100L

Shimmer – On Sale 50L

Nicola Neutral Mint – On Sale 50L

Boyfriends Jeans Outfit (Green) – On Sale 50L

Butterfly Fields – On Sale 200L Each Color (Each color comes with the ballgown and a partygirl skirt)