Pictures at a picnic

I haven’t been posting for a while because I’ve been busy taking classes! One thing I’ve learned is that a critical skill a model needs is to be able to take a decent picture of herself. Why not just hire a photographer? Well, I think I should for real portfolio shoots. But if I paid someone every time I wanted to capture a pic of myself for blogging or to capture a moment to later post on flickr, I’d never have any Lindens to shop! Priorities people!

Talyia Tarber offers a class called Let’s Go on a Picnic through the Photography School. I just happened to be free so after reading the description of the class:

“In this class you will learn some easy photo processing tricks using an intuitive web based photo processing program as well as learn about aspect ratios. You will need to have a raw SL photo that’s been saved to your harddrive.” Being able to take a snapshot is required. This class will only be taught in voice so please have it enabled, be prepared to take notes and follow along. ūüôā

I realized this was exactly what I needed. I thought I knew how to take a snapshot, so the photo processing part was what really grabbed my attention. (I have downloaded Gimp, but am slowly self-teaching. Anyone know where to take some Gimp classes?)

What I learned is that I didn’t know how to take a good snapshot – ¬†or raw photo – as described in one of the other PS classes, “Get Ready to Shoot”. (Not sure if I should take that too but I digress). I learned what graphic settings to use, what ratio, and why I shouldn’t save it as a jpeg. I don’t think that was the main point of the class but I really appreciate Talyia and the other student’s patience as I struggled with various things (including dealing with viewer 2 deciding I no longer needed voice).

So I haven’t even gotten to the point of the class LOL or why it was called a picnic! Well it was just like a picnic because we were sitting outside on the beautiful grounds of Fashion Institute. (I’d never taken time to stroll around) As you’ll see in this pic, Talyia brought out some whimsical outdoor furniture which set the mood for fun and creativity!


Once we all had our raw photos, we uploaded them to Picnik. I’ve used it minimally in flickr but haven’t explored the possibilities. Talyia took us through each section and showed us the tools and by doing it along with her, I got a good idea of what kind of effects did what. My creative potential just shot up by 100 %!


I’m not sure if I’m going to post the photo I ended up with in her class because…. well… while my potential shot up, my actual is still trying to get it’s arse out of bed. But I do hope, that in the future, we will see an improvement on the pictures on my blog and flickr. In recent ones, the styling is improving but the photo quality detracts from it’s value. I’d even like to improve the pics of my friends and well yes of me and Evan.

So to all my model friends out there, I strongly recommend taking a photography class, if nothing else, to know what you don’t know you don’t know. (did you follow that?) There are so many models whose pictures are amazing – and they do it themselves. I’m not sure if they took classes or were self taught. Maybe someone can share their experience, but for those who didn’t rez here with mad skillz in graphic design or photography already consider taking a class or two from the Photography School. Then let’s compare our progress! To see what classes are coming up click here.


This is my before pic which doesn't give me much to work with. So I'll try the exercise once more and post later...hopefully.


Ok ok, this is lame I know. But as you can see, I learned about adding glow, color, framing, adding um that silhouette-y thing, and text. See? Increased potential...



Boutiques are fully booked! The Schedule of Events in unrivaled!
A few Kiosks / ad boards are still available.

Torches are lit in the spirit of the Olympics! The spirit of cooperation! The spirit of sharing knowledge, showcasing our businesses, growing both personally and professionally through sharing and helping others to do so!

See Updates on the convention website.

The latest information, tools, fashions and experts!

TOOLS! Model’s HUD’s, poses, makeup and more!
SHOES! How to get the color right!

Save the dates, you will not want to miss this exciting and informative event for everyone involved in the modeling and fashion world. Watch for us in BOSL Magazine!

For More Information on participation please contact:
Giselle Temple, CEO Premiere Modelling Agency
Convention Owner & Coordinator

International Modelling Convention 2010 Website
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CONVENTION SHOWS (more to come)


WEDNESDAY – September 22, 2010
11:00am    CONVENTION KICKOFF & WELCOME РGiselle Temple
12:00pm   LADY THERA Р PREMIERE Fashion Show
1:00pm      KEYNOTE SPEAKER : Mimmi Boa
2:00pm      SEMINAR: Shoes: Getting the Color Right РDancer Dalligio
3:00pm      SEMINAR: Blogging: The Write Way to Give Fashion a Face РSequoia Nightfire
4:00pm      INDIA POBA Fashion Show
THURSDAY  РSeptember 23, 2010
10:00am    SEMINAR:  Fashion Photography in SL РPhotography or Graphic Design? РHermes Kondor
12:00 pm   BLISS COUTURE -Evane  Fashion Show
1:00pm      DEMONSTRATION: Perfect Pose Preparation РArisia Ashmoot
2:00pm      PRESENTATION: Vanity Tour Presentation РKatherine Comet
3:00pm      SEMINAR: The Ins & Outs of Photoshoots РAnabella Ravinelli
4:00pm      BLACKLACE РPREMIERE  Fashion Show
4:45pm       After show FIREWORKS
FRIDAY – September 24, 2010
10:00am ¬† ¬†SEMINAR: ¬†A View on Viewers – Scarlett Loxingly<————–thats me!!!! OMG! teehee
11:00am     PRISM РPREMIERE  Fashion Show
12:00pm ¬† ¬†SEMINAR: ¬†It’s Not Fashionable to be Laggy – Talyia Tarber:
1:00pm       SEMINAR: Kay Fairey
2:00pm      SEMINAR:  History of Modeling РA Five Year Oveview  РNemi McCoy
3:00pm      SEMINAR: Creations of the Mind: Intellectual Property and Second Life РNox  DEIGAN
4:00pm      International Model Agency: Fashion Show
SATURDAY – September 25, 2010
10:00am     SEMINAR: Intro to Mastering the Balut HUD РMonica Balut
11:00am      TRES BEAU РPREMIERE  Fashion Show
12:00pm     FROLIC MILLS
1:00pm        SEMINAR: SUPERELITE РAmber Quinzet
2:00pm        SEMINAR:  SETH Diabolito
3:00pm        SEMINR: The Agency / Model Relationship РAstrokris Messmer
4:00pm        SUPERELITE Fashion Show
SUNDAY – September 26, 2010
11:00am      iC MOTIONS FASHION AGENCY Fashion Show
12:00pm     SEMINAR:  Lorelei Maggs
1:00pm ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†SEMINAR: ¬†DO’S & DON’Ts of SCRIPT WRITING – Blackbarbie Bravin
2:00pm        DEMONSTRATION: Studio Nails Demonstration РAnastasia Magic
3:00pm        SEMINAR:  SHAPE SHIFTING with blackLiquid Tokyoska
4:00pm        PURPLEMOON РPREMIERE Fashion Show and Grand Finale

Out the box!

Took my first design class, How To Make a Box, taught by Zari Genira. It was FREE! Now you may wonder,

“um, Terri, you sat through a whole hour learning how to make a box?” And I would say,

“um, duh, it was free!”

But the class is really much more than making a box. You make the box in the first five minutes. This class, the first in a series, will leave you understanding the general function on each tab of the edit menu.


Being a model/student /clothing obsessed avatar, I have had to play with the edit menu – to edit prims or put little-used items into a prim for storage (an essential to organizing one’s inventory). But I did not realize even the beginning of the intricacies of setting permissions, how to adjust prims by using the grid, what was meant on the object tab by physical versus phantom; or what the keyboard shortcut was to stretch and rotate.

Not only am I excited about learning more – the next class in the series, Prim Manipulation, is free at least for a while – but already I am shaving some time off my daily routine when I log on at the last minute and have to run to class or even go out in ‘public’. Sure it’s ok for my hubby to see me with my prims every which way but (thankfully perhaps) he’s not a model so he doesn’t notice.


Zari teaching class and watching us experiment.

Perhaps I shouldn’t admit it but I did make the comment afterwards that I think all models should take this class because of the (albeit limited) work we do with prims. I think it would make anyone a better model to know this information. It might even manage to increase our great appreciation for designers if that is possible. I know submitting that comment is like having someone in class ask what the homework is going to be for next week when your teacher hasn’t assigned anything! LOL Okay, stop throwing spitballs at me.


Dayne has made her box round and glowing! Mine is a trapezoid. My future in design is limited.

The next classes in the series and the Certificate of Building Blocks Design are:

  • Prim Manipulation
  • Basic Texturing
  • Ethics in Design
  • Lag, Graphics Settings & Other Important Design Considerations
  • The 5 W‚Äôs of Design
  • Basic Scripting
  • Intro to Graphics Programs

I cannot keep this secret!

Could YOU!? ¬†Here is a quote I found perfect for this blog…

“It is vain to keep a secret from one who has a right to know it. It will tell itself.” by Ralph Waldo Emerson

and I must say that is true!  You ALL have a right to know about this latest secret and I am here to share it with you!

Talyia has wowed us again with her brilliance and perfection! Not only is she the best Photographer in SL, an amazing skin designer and creator, but now she does prim lashes???? With the new release of her prim lashes I write this blog in complete awe yet again over the sheer imagination of Talyia Tarber. The artistic way her mind spins and the beautiful art she creates when it finally comes to a rest.

New to the Garded Secret

You have two choices in lashes:

Style 1: 125L

Now, the tips of these lashes come in different colors:
Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Turquoise,  and Yellow.

Are those not AMAZING colors?

Style 2: 200L

Now, the tips of these lashes come in different colors:
Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Turquoise,  and Yellow.

The petal actually changes too! ¬†Just click on it and you get a new color. ¬†You also have the option to make the petal¬†invisible…just like Style 1, meaning, you get BOTH styles! ¬† AGAIN, GENIUS!

Now, they are NON-ALPHA, prim lashes so there will be some adjusting. ¬†Just be sure to be on a good pose stand and CTRL+0 close to your eye with edit linked parts and you should be able to get them to fit perfectly. ¬†Remember, patience is a virtue when adjusting NON-Alpha, prim lashes so breath deeply and curse quietly. ūüôā

Watch for pictures of ME wearing the lashes! (gotta adjust them to fit! hahaha)

Fashion Trick 117

One of my favorite designs in SL is a high waisted¬†-anything-¬†Trousers, body suits, dresses… I could go on and on.¬† The sleek line that’s created from the cut emphasizes and creates a small waistline. Drawing the eye to the curve of the hip, lengthening the leg. It’s a definate fashion must have for me. If you’re looking to make a statement and create a flowing line, this little fashion trick is a wonderful piece of ammo to have in your arsenal.

Kimberly Flagon, Owner & Designer of Kim, offers up an example below. A sassy lil¬†summer jean skirt pairing. With a girly bow¬† just below the breastline, seperating the high¬†waist created by the skirt. There’s just no denying the overall, impossibly long, line created by this simple fashion trick.

Style Card:

Dress – Kim – Troupe {pink}

Hair – Miamai – Nara

Shoes –¬†B&amp;G – Selena {rosa}

Necklace &amp; Earrings – YS&amp;YS – Feel Free Set {raiMbow}

Bangles – Grumble Grumble – GGBangle {orange}

Lashes – Detour – Klee Dot

Nails – Candy Nail – Alice {pink/white}

Lag Monster Part 3

In the previous two episodes I talked about Lag and how it comes about – the article I referred to there was one by Gweneth Llewelyn and well worth a read. We discussed how lag can be affected in to main ways through sim lag and client lag. So what better way to follow this up by giving you all some tips and hints on how you can help yourselves more when fighting the world of lag as a ‘super model ‘.
I think the most vital part of being a model is adjusting things to make it easier for you to combat lag allowing you to show the outfits you have at the most optimum for the designers. If all models do follow some simple rules like this then maybe shows and events might not be so laggy.

In an article I found called THE REAL WAY TO REDUCE LAG by Wayfinder Wishbringer he specifically treats the reader to his facts on why there is lag in the SL world. He says ‘ FACT: No matter what you do, no matter how well your sim is designed, no matter what settings you use, you are STILL GOING TO LAG. Why? Because Second Life has serious programming and server issues. It’s just that simple. SL lags in and of itself and there is NOTHING the user can do to stop that.’ He also goes on to say ‘ FACT 2: Three years of complaints about lag and it’s only gotten worse, so until LL changes its management viewpoint, there is still going to be lag. LL keeps adding new “toys” that lag the system even further, so until some serious re-thinking and re-structuring is done, if anything lag is just going to get worse.’

With these points in mind then here are some tips for all of you…
Many of these come via friends and other SL models also special credit to Monica Balut for posting some of these in her blog –
* Maximize your computer’s performance in general

  1. Get the most powerful computer you can afford!!!
  2. Get the best video card you can afford with the most on board memory and make sure the latest drivers for it are installed.
  3. Put as much RAM memory into your computer that you can (at least 2 Gig or more if possible) This is probably the single most important thing that will help performance.
  4. Defragment your hard drive regularly.
  5. Connect to the internet via a cable rather than a wireless router.
  6. Close all unnecessary programs.
  7. If you have a dual or higher core processor (most new computers do) consider having a higher core (CPU) to run the SecondLife Viewer. Start the SecondLife viewer. Start the Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del). Click on the Processes tab. Search for the SecondLife.exe process and right click on it. Select Set Affinity. Check one of the higher CPU’s. You will have to do this every time you start the program.

*Reduce client side lag with the following..
1) Clear Your Cache:

  • Prior to the show, Edit -> Preferences -> Clear Cache. Close the viewer -> Restart the SL viewer. Once restarted, open your inventory, and in the search bar type a long string of characters like ‚Äú***********‚ÄĚ. This forces SL to immediately reload your inventory. Give yourself at least 15 minutes. This can take some time, especially if you have a lot of items in your inventory.
  • After your inventory items have reloaded, Cam out into the audience and show room to reload all the textures in that area.
  • Try on all the outfits you will be wearing in the show to make sure everything can attach.

2) Edit Preferences Settings
a. General

  • Show Names -> Never (if you can get by without seeing the names of your team members)
  • Start Location -> My Home (if you crash on the runway, you don‚Äôt want to rez back there in the middle of someone else‚Äôs walk.
  • Small avatar names, Hide My Name on My Screen, Hide All Group Titles -> checked

b. Network

  • Maximum Bandwidth -> A mid range setting is probably best. If too low, your pipe to the internet is too small. If too large, you may be trying to take more data in than your computer can sustain. If you are experiencing high packet loss, you may want to reduce this setting. (Monitor packet loss with View -> Statistics Bar). If you find yourself “rubber banding” (your avatar walking a short distance and suddenly snaps back) this is a sign of packet loss. If this is happening first try to do everything described below. If it continues, reduce your bandwidth setting.
  • Disk Cache Size -> Set to the maximum that your hard drive can sustain.

c. Graphics

  • Set the Quality and performance slider to low. If you have trouble seeing if you are in a dark place, World -> Environment Settings -> Midday. This is one of the most important things you can do. It reduces significantly reduces the work your computer must do to render the scene.
  • Check the Custom check box. Further set the following:
  • Shaders: Uncheck everything
  • Avatar Rendering: Check: Avatar Impostors and uncheck the rest
  • Draw Distance: 64
  • Max Particle Count: 0
  • Move all remaining sliders to low
  • Lighting Detail: sun and moon only
  • HARDWARE OPTIONS – click to open menu
  • Uncheck Anisotropic Filtering
  • Antialiasing choose Disable
  • Uncheck Enable OpenGLVertex Buffer Objects
  • Check ‚ÄúRun SecondLife in a Window‚ÄĚ and consider reducing the size of that window as you would when running any program in a smaller than maximum window.

d. Audio & Video

  • Turn off the sound by clicking on the speaker icon to the right of the master volume.
  • Uncheck all the other boxes

e. Voice Chat

  • Uncheck the Enable Voice Chat box.

f. Communication Show Online Friend Notifications -> unchecked. Uncheck everything else you can get by without.

3) Further reduced unnecessary rendering. Uncheck the following: (These will all revert to the default settings when you restart the viewer but going to the article there is a further technical discussion about how to save these permenently.)
a. Advanced -> Rendering -> Types

  • ctrl-alt-shft 3 Tree
  • ctrl-alt-shft 6 Sky
  • ctrl-alt-shft 7 Water
  • ctrl-alt-shft 8 Ground
  • ctrl-alt-shft 0 Grass
  • ctrl-alt-shft – Clouds
  • ctrl-alt-shft = Particles
  • ctrl-alt-shft \ Bump

b. Advanced -> Rendering -> Features

  • crtrl-alt F5 Foot Shadows
  • crtrl-alt F6 Fog
  • crtrl-alt F7 Palletized Textures
  • crtrl-alt F8 Test FRInfo
  • crtrl-alt F9 (opt) Flexible Objects

c. Press CTRL+ALT+D to open advanced menu, then click Advanced- Debug Settings

  • Type: RenderAvatarMaxVisible. This sets how many avatars the viewer will attempt to keep visible.
  • The default is 35. Consider changing the value to 25 (or lower) if you dare. BUT CAREFUL. It will affect your view. You won‚Äôt see all avatars anymore. Only 25 or whatever number you allow will be visible, the ones that are most near. You may even lose sight of the model you are suppose to cue off of and she may not reappear until it’s too late in a laggy environment. You definitely have to experiment with this value. But it’s great for reducing client side lag.

4) Reduce the load on the servers (the sim) at Linden Labs
a. Detach any HUD attachments that you are not going to use during the show.
b. Keep shoes, jewelry as low prim as possible.- not sure this really has a huge effect as previously discussed….
c. Do not wear bling items. – Well that goes without saying!!
d. Do not wear anything with scripts in it (except of course your walk replacer and pose player)
e. Consider low prim hair and other attachments. Рinteresting we did say this doesn’t have a huge affect !!

Here‚Äôs a quick one from another friend…
* Reduce your draw distance (EDIT / PREFERENCE /GRAPHICS). While it limits visibility, a draw distance of 64 requires far less graphics processing than a draw distance of 256. As we know we need some draw distance to see next points and or your fellow models so play with the settings!
Now I do realise much of this information is highly technical but let me tell you if you feel comfortable having a go at doing this it is good to help reduce the lag be it in a show or out shopping.
My final little clue and hint is the following and many on the free fashion groups are starting to use this when out shopping in some of the more laggier stores.
*Check the Avatar Impostors checkbox from Preferences > Graphics and set the slider for Avatar Details at the minimum. Now watch it closely: ALL avatar impostors, no matter how complex their attachment, have an ARC of *1*. So it’s totally pointless to yell at people to detach their hair. Just let them set their sliders at the lowest setting on Avatar Details and click Avatar Impostors. As if by magic, ARC disappears.

Try it out some time! Will you be a lag buster?

Feel free to comment with your own tips and hints or anything you might like to say about lag

Laggily yours

Lag Monster Part 2

Lag Lag everywhere!
Second  in a three part series

By Keeley Copperstone

Last time I discussed the issues with lag related to the avatar we looked at Gwyneth Llewelyns article at Analutea to gain a clear understanding of lag and all that is involved. One of the previous mentioned areas that causes lag is the draw on servers by having lots of people in one particular area and this really did make me think not only about shows that models, fashion agencies and designers are involved in but also the shops and sims that these things occur on.  Gywneth goes on in her article to make some excellent points about this matter.
What do shop/sim designers need to do?
Well basically to avoid open space!  If there is a draw distance of over 256m then the interest list for the avatar will cover the whole sim and with the creation of advanced graphic cards this is usually the default setting they are on. This can however be changed by the user as this adds to the huge jump in content transfers and lags the sim alot.  Simply put the designers should build no open spaces rather large rooms with partitions so that people may still move around.  They can artificially enhance the optimisation mechanisms built in SL and if none of the rooms are bigger than 64m and you request people to have their draw distance down people might move relatively lag free.  Another useful method is to have multiple landing points in a shop that way not all avatars will be in the one area and only a handful of avatars are in plain sight of each other allowing an SL client to only rezz the avatars it needs to display. Gwyneth goes on to make mention of some optical effects and signage to help shops rezz faster.  Also to suggest that they prevent avatars from flying as many of these tips and helps are null and void if an avatar has to fly to see the items. So shop keepers must make things accessible to avatars at an easy to see level.

Now one I know you all worry about…Does good hair really make us lag?
Since the introduction of Avatar Rendering Costs Рyes I know you ladies and gents know about it in the modeling world!  It has become apparent to some that hair jumps the numbers up quite a bit.  See my before and after picture here for that one! One day experimenting on myself I saw that the hair I was wearing jumped the ARC up by nearly 1000.  So shocking when we all love to find the perfect hair to go with out outfits. The better it looks the more costly to your ARC it might be.  Strangely enough though this is another one of those myths. A higher ARC however according to the boffins does not create sim lag!  This also can be applied to shoes Рbasically a prim is a prim if it’s on your head or the ground or in the designs of a building.  The more there are the longer it takes to load. Usually in the case of hair its one of the first things that does download.
Lastly I want to relay Gwyneth’s discussion on the differences between sim lag and client lag.  We have talked alot about sim lag so far.  Gwyneth states that Sim lag is what happens on SL grid and affects every person on the same sim. Client lag is what you experience on your own computer. She mentions that computers or laptops particularly on WiFi lag more then a desktop computer worth half the price with a wired connection. Wireless and WiFi connections are susceptible to loosing packets and having information re transmitted. Laptops overheat quickly and have to start slowing things down and the CPU and graphics cards are the first to go!  She goes on to talk about unconfigured computers to affect the client performance especially when discussing the performance of Vista on a CPU.  Not being so technically minded myself this might require someone who knows what they are doing to adjust and change the settings to get the optimum performance.  SL tries to guess this with knowing what computer you use and adjusting the settings so for that but according to Gwyneth they do get it generally wrong. Generally she says is all client lag caused by improper configuration and the answer is generally yes.  Apart from that a good quality graphics card is what helps to minimise the client lag. The interesting part even if you can afford this state of the art item with a sim of 50 to a 100 avatars one will always get lag as there are no graphics cards powerful enough to deal with it.
Yes I know I said last! But there was one more important bit of information.  There is one thing that will lag everybody on the sim not only for the reasons mentioned above.  To put it simply it is time.  The more avatars that enter a sim the more the time it takes for refreshing of data for smooth performance.  The goal is to render all those polygons around you 25 times in a second.  The article suggests ways of using the View Statistics window to see how this works but I wouldn’t want to bore you with too much technical stuff.  It is worth a read however. The important information is that if lots of avatars arrive at the same time requesting textures as they start rezzing the time dilation or delay increases for that aspect and thus other things start to slow down causing things to not occur in real time.  What does this mean for us as models?  Possibly some of the suggestions would be to ask the creator of the sim to have less open space and limit the textures used in the sim.  To ask people to come to an event and have them be there prior to the start so that real time might actually catch up.  Maybe even to limit the number of people attending an event by putting on a few shows people can go to.  The lag generally happens when there are avatars that are sitting at events for long periods of times say over an hour.  So making the shows quicker and less populated might be the answer. Have you ever noticed how things speed up to real time much easier towards the end of a show when avatars start to leave?
The reality is we can not really do much to cut down lag we can slightly affect it but in essence the sorts of things we are doing are pretty much happening independently of what we attach to ourselves or what we are wearing.  No matter how much we turn off take off or lower down the one true answer and not the desired choice is to get rid of the avatars!
My next part in this series will concentrate on the little you can do to help with your own client lag – so stay tuned to see what we can all do be it small or relatively minuscule to help with your own lag.

Stay lag free

Lag Monster Part 1

Lag Monster Part1
by Keeley Copperstone
Lag Lag everywhere!

First in a three part series.

Recently I was given a link to an article about the dreaded Lag Monster all SL people have to endure. ¬†Gasp I hear you say – well to be honest some people just bang it down to the fact there are too many people on line and others to day that SL is having a ‘bad day’.
As models and fashionistas we are forever having to deal with the issue of lag not only in going about our daily lives in trying to race from store to store to buy that important outfit, hair, or set of killer shoes.  But also deal with it during shows and events which require us to be at our best.  Other areas of fashion are dealt a horrible blow when lag kicks in on their sim if they are designers and trying to upload things or make modifications to designs that won’t save.  This is also most important for shop owners and running vendor scripts with delivery of items and for all where money is concerned.
The interesting thing this article discusses is some of the myths people have about Lag. ¬†For those of you that don’t have time to read the full article here. I will summarise it for you!
Basically one massive cause or even way that lag occurs isn‚Äôt just the draw on the servers created by lots of people in one particular area but in fact also your SL client application. ¬†It as Gwyneth Llewelyn so beautifully puts it ‘takes two to tango’. Each of these things has its own limitations and when they are pushed to the edge is when things start to go wrong. ¬†She goes on to say compared with times of old on SL where the servers and the clients found it hard to handle more then one aspect at a time even though a variety of things such as sending each avatar prim data and textures, tracking down on the sim where your avatar was and handling physics just to mention a few were needed to be done. In those days the only way to deal with lag was to make avatars as simple as possible. ¬†Shock – yes ladies that means sorting out that hair, getting rid of attachments and making sure the location was as simple as possible with cubes and blank textures. ¬†Could you imagine!
I took a picture for my personal blog of me attaching all my hair heavens know if i ever went for a SL walk about so to speak if I would be spiking the draw on the sims all over SL!  See below.

Thank goodness now days things are much more different. Firstly on the side of the server things are being done in parallel and scripts will now only run when all else has been done. Hence why your AO, Hud or Chim might run a little slower at crowded events! ¬†Turning of AOs or entering ‘sleep mode’ on MystiTools or detaching everything with a script will really have no effect now to the lag of the sim all it will do is make scripted attachments run very very slow or not at all.

Gwyneth goes on to talk about the myths associated with lag and the etiquette that was associated in the old days with making Sims lag free. ¬† She does stress however that they made sense in the past but however don‚Äôt really apply to today. ¬†Turning off AO’s will not reduce lag – although many people still think they will. ¬†So she is suggesting if people still request this in politeness and SL etiquette it might be nice to do without the AO for a few hours even if it is only to make the requests by the host feel listened to.
What we as avatars need to do?
The cold hard facts are the following Рthe more prims a sim has on it the more textures our SL clients have to download which means it takes longer to rezz now days however the SL clients do have the ability to download what it basically needs and not to include every last little texture unseen.   On the sim site basically the same happens it keeps a little list of what your avatar wants and needs based on the Draw distance you have on your SL client. The lower it is the smaller the interest list.  Basically it means the lower you have it the less you are requesting and sending to and from the SL client and the sim.
Well now that I have totally made your brains hurt  ! I will say that the next part concentrates on Sims and Shops for lag as well as looking at client lag which more realates to how you can help your lag.  Lastly the third in the series will be lots of helpful hints on how to reduce your client lag.
May the power of lag be with you!

Creating A New Me

by Keeley Copperstone
Whilst creating some looks to put together for a photo shoot I have lined up in January I decided I needed a new me.
It is great trying out all the skins on Second Life but at some stage you end up looking just like everyone else.  So in an attempt to evolve as a model I wanted to look more unique.  I remember a talk I went to with the famous model Wicca Merlin and she said to be one of the best you need to be unique.  She really stressed about finding something of your own to make you the most unique you can be to stand out from the crowd.
So with that in mind I was told by a friend I must check out The Body Politik and Kin. So off I ran as soon as I got a moment free. Walking into the store looks just like every other skin, shape, hair, clothes and accessory store until it is that I stumbled upon the display that made me smile. ¬†The display said ‘ Create the exact look you want, billions of different combinations’
EUREKA РJust what I have been searching for.  The Body Politik has designed a range called Infinity Skins that allows you to design your own skin using a few powerful swift moves of the mouse and a few rapid clicks of the buttons.
The board takes you to their own site www. Infinityskinscom where you can work inworld or out of world to create skin for you.  The best part is that there are so many different combinations that the chances of you choosing the same as someone else will be quite rare.
On the web site I was able to choose the skin tone I desired, the shade of lipstick that I wanted for my skin and the eye shadow that I desired.  As I did this the model on the right hand side of the base skin changes showing the over all look.  Next I decided to change other elements of my body from skin shading to eyebrows and freckles and a few unmentionables you will just have to see !
Rather then spoil all the fun take a look at the end result. Rather nice having something very unique.
I chose just for this skin from Amber Skin colour , Charcoal eye shadow, Bouquet lips, Blush No 5 and Dark Brown eyebrow colour.

I am wearing :

Outfit: Aurora dress by Champagne Designs
Shoes: 24’s Wow! No 18 Platinum by 24 Shoo-Shoes
Hair: Antoinette – Biscotti by Hairy Situations
Eyes: Rita Eyes -Blue Green by Curio
Eyelashes: MoulinRouge by Redgrave
Jewelery:Dahlinks Ice Princess Bracelet – Diamond, Stacked silver Bracelet, Necklace and Earrings – Cristallo by Twinkleberry

Happy creating everyone.
Keeley x