It’s Fifty5 Thursday!

Yep you heard that right and boy do I have some designers to show off! Sorry this is so late, but man, I FINALLY got it done! Here are just a few of the amazing designs out there for you to get. For the FULL list of designers you can go here.

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The Fine Smith of Design

New Item!

To design something in SecondLife takes patience, devotion, artistry, a steady hand :P, and most of love for what you are designing.  That very thing is seen in the beautiful designs of Finesmith Jewelry by Yula Finesmith.

Every piece of jewelry has this touch of love and commitment to satisfy her customers desires as well as move with the season of fashion.  With her newest design has me breathless.  I haven’t even had time to put it on and snap pictures of it because I want to share this design as quickly as possible.

So here is a peak at the beautiful Lulu’s Melody! (Featured and Modeled by the stunning Lulu Coba)

Go HERE to pick your Lulu’s Melody set up today!

55L Thursday!

Next we have the 55L Thursday item on sale from Sept 9th-16th.  A beautiful set of earrings by Yula for only 55L!  Don’t miss out on this amazing offer!  For more information about 55L Thursday you can go to this blog.

To get this weeks 55L item at Finesmith Jewelry go here!

Group Gift!

Don’t forget while you are there to join the group. Finesmith jewelry update group gives 2 gifts each month with one being exclusive gift to group only and 50% off of every new release and alot of love!  *faints* Isn’t Yula FABULOUS!

This month we have the stunning Flowers Earrings seen here.

Finesmith Retirement Sale!

Everyday there is a different item that will be on sale for  just 10L (1pm to 1pm) and when 1pm rolls around this item will be deleted from SL forever and go to a world that is all good:)  Don’t forget there is a 50% sale this month (September) on everything. Its time to shop!!!

This Weeks Retirement Items:

You can go here to get these items.