80’s Throwback

Seems everywhere I look lately those styles I wore some 20 odd years ago are popping up on mannequins, store displays, ads, my next door neighbor’s kid and of course….SL. Not that I mind, I am rather found of the 80’s trends. Poofy skirts, Leggings, ballet flats. The blending of textures, the lacy edges atop shimmering fabric. And -of course- the BIG hair. It’s all so very underground music scene campy ya know?

Fab. Pony  seems to really be hitting the mark, producing vinatge clothing with a twist to fit this niche` in game. Her styles are simple yet innovative. They can be worn ‘off the rack’ or mashed with other designs to create a look that’s uniquely you. I choose to go for a simple off the rack look. Pairing the clingy dress with a pair of chunky ankle boots and minimal accessories. Making it a perfect look for hanging with your girl’s to catching an early dinner in a laid back atmosphere with your significant other.

Style card:

Dress – Fab.Pony – Raglan Dress

Boots – Arisaris – Charcoal boot buckles {hunt gift}

Hair – Boon – NMR122 {grp gift}

Bangles – Sigma Jewels – Sani Bangles/Charcoal {hunt gift}


School Daze…

So, it’s definatly that time of year again. School is just around the corner. The Fall lines are starting to hit the market. The nights are a bit cooler, whispering that summer is about  to drift off. The news   in my neck of the woods} starts rattling off the newest back to schools sales, and glorious talk about the myriad of savings “No Tax” week will bring to the city.

In light of the onslaught of back to school memos, commercials and “ridiculously low” prices, I put together a little outfit for hitting all those sales. Something that protects against the impending,cooler temperatures. And perhaps, against that slimy salesman who tries to get you to buy more than you really need…..

Style Card:

Shirt – Dressing Aphrodite – Free Fallin {blue}

Jeans – Indyra Originals – J’aime Ultra Low Rise

Shoes – Baby Monkey – Ellie Flats

Hair – Boon – HNB582 Hair

Necklace – Aglaia – Flux Collection

Nails – Candy Nail – Esnic Pink

Lashes – Redgrave – Catwalk {12}