Casual Chic

I love mixing and matching pieces from my favorite designers in SL. It’s a really great way to personalize yourself, and reflect your personality through fashion. Not to mention, a good way to make use of those items that have been hanging around in your virtual closet for eons! After playing around a bit, I came up with this chic little number. Featuring several of my favorite designers in world. Take a peek…

Style Card:

Shirt – Kungler’s – Catherine Shirt {floral}

Trousers – Diram – Lady Gaga {Alejandro Clip}

Shoes – Indyra Originals – I.O. Coquette Noir: Moxie {Snowy Python}

Hair – Truth – Kalista

Necklace – Fusion – Long Chained Charm Necklace

Lashes – Detour – Klee Dot

Nails – Candy Nails – Swallowtail {red}


Laid Back

You know, somedays I just want a throwback outfit. Something comfy but still me. Something that says ultra casual, but completely self assured. I can swing by the mall and grab a few things or feel totally comfortable hitting a movie or a informal bite to eat. Something flirty in a not so obvious way. And what did I come up with? Have a looksee…

Style Card:
Top – Rock Me Amadeus – Overlay Tops {dollarbie}
Pants – N1CO – White Jeans
Shoes – Grumble Grumble – Rainbow Sneakers
Hair – Truth – Marnie
Belt – Kishi – Sexy Belt {DKH gift}
Necklace – Just You Jewels – Pocket Pink
Bangles – Sigma – Bangles in Wood Colors {cherry/fuschia}
Nails – Candy Nail – Diva {pink}
Lashes – Redgrave – Catwalk{12}