Oh, Poppycock!

What is that you ask? Well, most Americans who take the time to actually watch tv, and those blasted talent shows, will know who the ultra fabulous and fierce Prince Poppycock is.  Well, I had a look I had to put together for a magazine, which didn’t get used LOL, so I went to one of my friends, who just so happens to create skins.  I asked her if she knew anything about him…and she didn’t.  So I sent her link after link of his highness and she fell in love as quickly as I did.  So then the birth of the NEW and AMAZING skin line by Talyia Tarber at Garded Secret.

Oh, Poppycock!

With this skin line, there are the female versions of the skin, then there are the make up packs for females and males to use over their normal skin. (Tattoo Layer a must, if you are unsure if you have this or not, feel free to IM me.)

I have to admit, putting the outfits together for these skins was SO fun, I wish you could see more of the outfits, but OH WELL, its not about my styling lol its about the AMAZING skins Talyia has created yet again.

Enjoy some Poppycock today!

“Poppycock: Dutch Blue” “Poppycock: The Patriot” “Poppycock in Pink” “Poppycock: Send in the Clowns”

Garded Secret SLURL

Garded Secret Official Blog

My Flickr Page

Models: Scarlett Loxingly & RicoRacer Flux

Photographer: Talyia Tarber


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